charter yacht SherakhanYes, I know, the image at right is a masterwork created by a graphic artist. But the concept will soon enough become reality, when the 228-foot motoryacht Sherakhan begins offering charters in Patagonia, Antarctica, and more.

The current plan is for Sherakhan to head toward South America in late October, with charter availability beginning in the Cape Verde Islands on November 11. The yacht will then become available from Montevideo, Uruguay, or from Buenos Aires, Argentina, beginning November 25.

Sherakhan will stay in those regions as long as charter inquiries require, moving no earlier than December 1 to Patagonia. There will be charter availability in Patagonia as well as in Antarctica until late February 2011.

The yacht will then head north, arriving in Central America's Panama region as of mid-March. Sherakhan will offer charters there, as well as in Costa Rica, until late April 2011.

This is exciting stuff--a well-known charter megayacht with a strong reputation moving into a location other than the Caribbean or Indian Ocean for the winter season. I spent several days cruising aboard Sherakhan in the Caribbean and can personally attest to the yacht's high quality of service, cuisine, and decor. I also know the yacht's owner (an adventurer at heart) and can imagine that he will make every necessary effort to show guests the charter of a lifetime in this most unusual locale.

Sherakhan is part of the charter fleet at Camper and Nicholsons International. Any reputable charter broker can help you book a week onboard in Patagonia, Antarctica, or beyond.