Si Tex marine electronics is back in the game after fading into the background for a couple of years, and their newest offering is an autopilot: the SP 36. This is a high-end unit, with advanced features like virtual feedback capability (so there’s no need for a rudder feedback unit on stern drive and outboard boats). That simplifies installation and in the long run, even cuts cost.

Steering features include the perks we’ve become accustomed to in high end autopilots, like trolling zig-zag patterns, circles, MOB turns, and towing applications. More importantly, this is a “smart” autopilot. Over time, it’ll “learn” how your boat handles and automatically adjust itself to control the boat more efficiently and accurately. We’ve seen this in some other high-end units before, but never a Si Tex.

The Sp 36 control head itself has a hi-resolution, sunlight-viewable color display with a rotary steering and course control knob, and is waterproof, too. The price tag? It isn’t cheap, at $3,299.

Si Tex was essentially shut down until last fall, when it was purchased and moved to New York. They quickly rolled out the new EC series of chartplotters, with five, seven, and ten inch screens. Now, this new autopilot is hitting the streets. We’ll have to hold our breath and wait and see just how well Si Tex does with these new offerings, but in any case it’s good to see the company back in operation…and this time, we’re pretty sure it won’t be left running on…well, you know!

si tex sp 36 autopilot

The display for the Sp 36 autopilot from Si Tex is color, and waterproof. Good to have you back, Si Tex.