Regular readers know that I usually write about sailboats and going sailing. Others write for the Boats Blog, too, including Charles Plueddeman, who provides periodic guest blogs on internal combustion mechanisms, particularly of the outboard variety. The staff of and like to help out, too, especially, it seems, if the topic is fishing. They're spread out from one side of the Atlantic to the other and as far west as the Pacific. A few weeks ago, we heard from Jason and Joe who were fishing on the Gulf ("Fishing at the Wreck"). Now we'll hear from John Stewart, one of our top sales and marketing guys in Seattle.

—John Burnham

John with his dorado. (Brothers being brothers, Adam is holding out on the photo of John's striped marlin.)

John with his dorado. (Brothers being brothers, Adam is holding out on the photo of John's striped marlin.)

John Stewart's Cabo Fish Story

On a recent trip to the small Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, located at the very tip of the Baja peninsula, John and Adam Stewart, both novice saltwater anglers were lucky enough to meet up with the crew of Dream Weaver Sportfishing for a day out chasing tuna, dorado, and marlin.
The day started off like many others in Cabo San Lucas; the sun was chasing away the coolness of the night and the fishing fleet in the marina was gearing up for another day of fishing.  Walking down the dock we met our captain, Ramon Montaño. Ramon said that he’s been fishing the waters off Cabo San Lucas for over 20 years and was looking forward to taking us out on his 32ft Black Fin, the Dream Weaver.
After a quick stop for fuel and bait, which is caught each night by the local fishermen, we were off and heading out past the famous arch that separates the Sea of Cortez from Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t too long before Ramon signaled that we’d reached the fishing grounds on the Pacific side and for us all to get ready.

As fly fisherman growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the brothers were more used to wading into cold rivers, but today was different. With water temperatures hovering in the low 70s, Ramon explained that fishing in Cabo is a traditionally done with a mix of live bait and large artificial lures to bring in the big predatory species. He felt sure that today was going to be a great day, as just the day before they had caught and released three striped marlin.
The bite was on. After only an hour of fishing, the outside lure on the port side was hit and line was streaming off. Fernando, the first mate, grabbed the rod and quickly set the hook as Adam sat down in the fighting chair.  A short but exciting fight ensued, with Adam bringing up a small but feisty yellow fin tuna.

Adam shows off his yellowfin tuna.

Adam shows off his yellowfin tuna.

Not long after the tuna was brought on board, the rig on the starboard side was hit, and John scrambled across the deck and took his turn in the chair.  As line played out, Fernando confidently and correctly said, "It’s a dorado this time."   Before long a beautiful 4ft dorado with  flashing green and blue body was brought alongside and expertly gaffed and brought on board.

For the next two hours, Dream Weaver trolled the waters off the tip of Baja. Ramon and Fernando agreed that that the marlin had moved from the day before and were likely sitting up on the Cortez side of the peninsula. After motoring over to the far side of the point, Captain Ramon was the first to spot the fin of a striped marlin, just 20 meters to starboard.  The captain and mate, working like a well-oiled machine with Ramon from the fly bridge pointing out where the fish had gone and putting the boat in the perfect position. "Cast!" "Cast!" Cast!" shouted Ramon, as the boat passed in front of the bill fish; then, as expertly as placing a fly in front of a hungry rainbow trout, Fernando tossed the bait fish into position. With one swift motion, the marlin swam in and took the bait.

Hurriedly, John took a seat in the fighting chair as line screamed off the reel after the fish. Within a few minutes, John’s forearms were burning as he worked the fish, inching it closer to the boat. Captain Ramon, working from the bridge, backed the boat down, easing the battle for the fisherman. As the fight continued, Fernando readied the tools to properly tag and release the fish once it was brought alongside. Thinking of The Old Man and the Sea; John settled in for a long fight, but as luck would have it, the fish’s next run brought him right under the boat, and John was able to bring the marlin to the surface.

The five-foot, 120 lb. striped marlin was quickly tagged, the hook freed from its mouth, pictures taken, and it was released back into the azure sea. High fives and big smiles were passed around as Ramon turned the boat, throttled up the twin diesels and headed back to the marina.

For one short day, two brothers from Seattle got to live their sportfishing dreams of catching some the most sought after fish in the sea;  many thanks to the hard working and professional team at Dream Weaver Sportfishing.