The 2014 St. Barths Bucket Regatta has come to an end, but now everyone sailing this super fleet of superyachts has seen the magnificent coast and outlying rocks from both port and starboard.

The winds were not as light as predicted; we had a steady 16 knots with higher gusts. The staggered start was a downwind one and one by one these superyachts sailed across the line.

View of St. Barths Bucket fleet from Twizzle

The view from Twizzle: looking back at the St. Barths Bucket fleet

The fleet can roughly be divided into three different groups:

  1. Luxury super yachts. These are luxurious and spacious and always state of the art.

  2. Classic yachts like Rainbow and Meteor. These elegant superyachts evoke the past glories of sailing.

  3. The newer race boats like Visione and Inoui.

But all of these different superyachts have a display of purpose that is really cool. The sight of them all sailing around the rocky marks is a sight few would ever forget... I definitely won't.

The final after party and awards ceremony was a Caribbean "how much fun is this." And for those keeping score, the  overall winner of this years Bucket was Marie, a Hoek design built at Vitters.

More information, including official results, can be found at the St. Barths Bucket Regatta website.

Now, back to reality...

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Photos by the owner of Twizzle