When you search for "Stephen Colbert," humor and political satire are the dominant themes—not sailing. And that's not likely to change any time soon, even now that the Colbert Report host and actor has joined the National Sailing Hall of Fame Advisory Board.

Stephen Colbert sailing

Stephen Colbert got hooked on sailing by racing from Charleston to Bermuda—even though they finished last.

In a typically humorous quote, Colbert said, "I will do my best to not capsize the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Hardalee!"

Colbert grew up on Charleston Harbor, but he wasn't allowed to go sailing as a kid. As an adult, his big moment came in 2005 when he joined a friend on board a 45-foot cat ketch and raced from Charleston to Bermuda. Even though they finished last, he was hooked on the experience. Six years later, he raced to Bermuda again—and finished second.

Since then he's stayed involved with the sport, and now he will help NSHOF preserve America’s sailing legacy and engage sailing's next generation.

Actors are well-represented on the board of NSHOF, a non-profit educational foundation based in Annapolis. Ever heard of Morgan Freeman? He replaced the late Walter Cronkite in 2009 as chair... and four years later, a search for "Morgan Freeman" doesn't mention sailing, either.

Fortunately, these guys don't need any more press. But Colbert's name recognition will certainly help NSHOF in its quest to share the benefits, excitement, and beauty of sailing.