Have you heard about the Summer Loving Facebook photo contest? Submit one of your favorite photos, explain why it shows what you love most about summer, and then vote daily for your favorite. The photo that receives the most votes wins.

Megan boat selfie

Megan from Indianapolis submitted this photo, which she calls "the ultimate selfie with friends." Click on it to see the others that have earned votes so far.

And the winner receives... a GoPro HERO4.

If I had to identify a theme in the photos already submitted, it would be "friends enjoying the water together." That's hardly surprising, since that's the best part about summer. Here's another photo, submitted by Jimmy from Indianapolis:

Jimmy from Indianapolis submitted this photo

Crowds of friends enjoying the water—isn't that what summer's all about?

Unfortunately boats.com employees are not eligible to win the company's Summer Loving Photo Contest. Since we editors all spend as much time on the water as possible and we all take a lot of photos, this would be the perfect challenge. We could even set up an intra-office competition, to see if fishing photos win more votes than sailing photos...

But that won't be possible. So here are three photos we would submit, if we could...

Oliver Hazard Perry on first visit to Dutch Harbor

Almost every week in the summer, a piece of maritime history sails into our harbor. This time it was the Oliver Hazard Perry, a brand new addition to that history. Though she had already completed her official maiden voyage (from Portsmouth, RI down Narragansett Bay to Newport), she was on her first visit ever to the west side of Narragansett Bay. Photo: Carol Cronin

In my parts, summer means tuna - big tuna - are within reach. For a pure fishing adrenaline rush it's hard to beat a bigeye, like this 157-pounder!

In the mid-Atlantic region, summer means tuna—big tuna—are within reach. For a pure fishing adrenaline rush it's hard to beat a bigeye, like this 157-pounder brother Bill reeled up! Photo: Lenny Rudow

West Harbor Fishers Island NY thunderstorm on its way

Why do I love summer? Sailing, rowing, motoring here and there. I love the temperature on the water. I love the sky, even when a squall threatens. I always love the light. Photo: John Burnham

Got a photo that shows your favorite part of summer? Unlike us, you can enter the contest. See the photos already earning votes on the Summer Loving Facebook page.

(And when you win, can I borrow your GoPro?)