Today is Mother's Day. And I'm going to spend part of it at the boat yard, with my Mom.

That may not fit in with the usual more commercial recommendations (cards, flowers, breakfast in bed). But Mom claims that breakfast in bed leads to nothing but crumbs. And cards are usually too sappy or too glittery, and eventually all end up in the same place: the recycling bin.

She never objects to flowers, but going sailing would be even better. Too bad the boat isn't in the water yet.

My Mom, on a boat.

My Mom, on the boat.

Growing up, we spent many Mother's Days in the boat yard, so this year will be a return to childhood of sorts. Mom has always been in charge of painting, though she leaves the varnishing to Dad and others. (Let's not even discuss the promise of "no varnish on deck" that was first broken 44 years ago.) She is also in charge of spring cleaning, wiping down inside each and every locker to remove a winter's worth of mold and grime. She's still game for almost anything boat-oriented, even though she didn't grow up as a sailor.

Sorry we don't have a boat ready to go this year, Mom.

If you have a boat available, get out and enjoy the water today—and bring Mom along. Unless, of course, she prefers the crumbs that only breakfast in bed can provide.