You've probably never heard of Dylan Thomas, but at the end of a great summer you might be wishing to live his life. He's made sailing around the Pacific a critical part of his real job, which is collecting art.


Sunset in the Pacific from the deck of Compadre, Dylan's 55 foot art-collecting vehicle.

Along with his partners, Jim and Vicki Punter, Dylan's run an art gallery on the Hawaiian island of Kauai since 2007. Collecting the art creates the need for the sailing, as a way to get from one Pacific island to the next. In each community he "embeds" himself until "really interesting pieces of artwork show themselves."

After a decade-plus of living the dream, Dylan's got some advice for anyone thinking about cutting the land ties and going cruising:

1. "Take time to plan and inform yourself. Have some form of passive income or residual income that doesn’t require your presence – no matter how small it is."2. "Make the time. A one or two year cruise sounds like a long time, but we’ve been sailing for 12 years, 10 of those years full time, and we have not seen all of the Pacific.”

3. Just go! "We’re so busy on our iPhones, iPads, Internet, Facebook pages, and it takes a lot of effort to cut those ties. But let me tell you, when you cut those ties, you will be so pleased."

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