Never heard of the Pogo 30? Well, after looking at this 30 foot cruiser, others might just fall off your wish list.

My definition of the holy grail of the small racer/cruiser is great performance, reasonable price and ability to come away smiling from a weekend with the family. But so many builders go after this dream and don’t achieve it.

Pogo 30 sailing upwind

The Pogo 30 has great upwind performance.

I think the Beneteau 30 as a boat that fits the bill, but the Pogo 30 may just have topped this.

With its wide flat hull, this boat looks as slippery as an eel, and it will plane in 8 knots of wind. Sail handling is easy with the asymmetric kite or gennaker on an extending pole. The sheeting loads look light enough that I could even convince my kids to do some trimming, and the low transom will excite diehard fisherman Lenny Rudow. A lifting keel option makes it a great fit for a shallow water area.

To fall in love with this boat, you have to be into minimalist French boat styling and certainly not looking for privacy. And don’t bother looking around for storage – because there isn't any. But that means a bright open interior, maximized space, and mimimized weight for a 30 footer. And that will put a smile on your face as you speed away from other cruisers.

Pogo 30 interior

The interior is functional but minimalist to save weight. Not the exposed stringers as an example.

The following video gives you a great feel for the boat. Hang in there with the sleepy music and seagulls and just imagine your own experience on this rocket.

I want one of these. But I will need to be patient as only a few are built a year.  I will also need to go to France to get one. What a great excuse!

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