ANNAPOLIS, MD - Sunsail, the charter market leader in the United Kingdom
with significant market share in North America, is now merging with Stardust
Yacht Charters, the European market leader. Since February 2000, Sunsail
and Stardust have been owned by First Choice PLC. Until now, they have
operated as two separate organizations. This union will bring both companies
under the brand name Sunsail, forming the largest charter service company
in the world.

The merging of these companies will provide major benefits to our
Sunsail and Stardust customers. Sunsail customers will now be able to
charter in Corsica, Tahiti and Cuba (US citizens will not be able to book
Cuba charters through the US office). Stardust customers may now add these
great destinations to their plans: Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga,
Thailand, Malaysia, Annapolis, Tampa Bay and Vancouver. The unification
will also bring higher levels of customer service and will allow customers
to benefit from the strengths and knowledge of both companies.

Commenting on the merger between Stardust and Sunsail, Andrew Howard,
Sales & Marketing Director for both companies, said: "It is a natural progression
for us to bring Stardust and Sunsail under one roof. We can now offer 1200
yachts in 23 countries with 39 bases. The benefits to our customers are
considerable, as they can now see a wide range of destinations available
from one company committed to offering the best service. I am confident
that our thousands of clients will welcome the changes and the greater
number of charter options available to them as they go about choosing their
next sailing vacation."

Formal announcement of this merger will be celebrated with a party
at the US Sailboat Show at the Sunsail booth on Thursday, October 4, 2001
from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. All press are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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