For the superyacht that we thought had everything, we've just discovered that there's one more vital piece of gear: the anti-photo laser shield! According to the blog Gadget Lab, this has been installed on Roman Abramovich's 557-foot yacht Eclipse and when switched on will zap the contents of a camera aimed at the yacht.

Roman Abramovich's 557-foot Eclipse

Roman Abramovich's older superyacht, the diminutive 337-foot Pelorus

The (reportedly) billion dollar boat for the Russian billionaire doesn't always have the lasers switched on, yet somehow distorted my own visual logic long enough to make me think that his older boat, Pelorus, was the much bigger Eclipse when I first published this post. (Thanks to Marion M. for pointing out that I'd been duped!).

The real thing actually has room for two helipads, plus is reported to have a military grade missile defense system.

—John Burnham