The Triton logoThe Triton, a publication written primarily for yacht captains and crew, has just published the results of an interesting survey. The magazine asked nearly 140 yacht crew members how they feel about having children younger than 15 as guests. Nearly three out of four said they enjoy the experience.

That's of course good news for anyone interested in booking a charter yacht for a family vacation, but it also drives home the point that some yachts are far more kid-friendly than others. If about 25 percent of yacht crew do not enjoy having children onboard, then it is in your best interest to avoid booking charters aboard those yachts if children are part of your group.

Any reputable charter broker can give you insights into which yachts and crew do best with children. Simply tell your broker that you would like to see the reviews given by clients who brought children aboard during previous charters.

You also can find a wealth of helpful information on CharterWave. I recently posted a list of the 10 Best Charter Yachts for Families with Young Children as submitted by leading brokers worldwide, and this week's 10 Best list includes yachts that are ideal for families with active teenagers. I wrote this blog post not long ago about two motoryachts that stood out at May's charter yacht show in Genoa as being ultra kid-friendly for charters this summer in the Mediterranean. And if you search CharterWave for the words "children" or "kids," you will also find crew interviews like this one with Capt. Alec Cunningham of the 151-foot Delta motoryacht Katya, where the father of three regularly invites children onto the bridge to play with dolls. (It doesn't get more kid-friendly than that!)

Also worth noting from The Triton survey: Only half of the yacht crew who responded said that their skills with children were discussed when they interviewed for their jobs onboard. If you have questions or concerns about a crew's background, ask your charter broker for full resumes and additional information before signing your charter contract.