Correspondent Alastair Walton reports on the latest marriage of nautical technology and youthful mobility, from the aisles of the Salon Nautique de Paris, still in session this weekend:

Introducing the winch-powered skateboard

Introducing the winch-powered skateboard

Have you got a length of rope, two skateboards and a couple of spare self-tailing winches sitting in the garage not doing anything? Well, it's time to put them to good use, as demonstrated by a couple of innovative exhibitors at the Salon Nautique de Paris this week.

paris-5515The method is simple. Bolt your spare winch on to one end of your skateboard and find a nice long aisle at a boat show. Tie a knot in the middle of your rope and wind each around your winch in the normal way. Then get on your skateboard, grab a winch handle and at the command "Alez!" start winching like crazy!

Yes, it's true. The first to winch his way to the knot at the middle of the rope, wins!