The Jetstream media systemFirst, it was Crestron systems. They were the media device of the moment aboard charter yachts, allowing guests to access everything from their television to the air conditioning from a single remote control. Then came Kaleidescape, a server system that every charter yacht had to have because it allows access to thousands of movies and TV shows from an onboard server as opposed to a satellite receiver. During the past couple of years, I've heard rumblings about Apple TV, which some captains still think will become the Next Big Thing in yachting media systems. But Apple TV hasn't come to dominate the luxury charter market yet--and now there is a new player coming out of Monaco, joining forces with one of the world's leading superyacht companies.

The newest edition of Antennae, a promotional brochure from Edmiston and Company, has a substantial feature on a service called The Jetstream. The Jetstream offers remote access to your favorite TV channels through a single portal, wherever you are in the world.

So, for instance, if you are a Russian-speaking charter client aboard a charter yacht with English-based Kaleidescape movies and television shows, you can loop into your Jetstream system and watch your favorite Russian shows instead. Or, if you're an English-speaking client on charter in a place like Abu Dhabi, where the local satellite signals are in Arabic, you can connect to The Jetstream to get your favorite U.S.- or U.K.-based programs. The signals are delivered across the Internet, so the only hardware that you need to access The Jetstream is a decent laptop computer.

As the FAQ section on the company's website explains it: "The age-old problem which The Jetstream aims to solve is that of what happens when you sail away and leave the reception area of your favorite media service. Before The Jetstream, yachts were basically out of luck when they voyaged off to foreign waters. With The Jetstream, you have the flexibility to 'snipe' in content from anywhere, to anywhere, provided you can get a reasonably good data link."

Sounds nifty to me, and apparently also to Edmiston and Company, which is now supplying The Jetstream to its managed fleet of yachts. Edmiston says it can also install the system on any chartered yacht for its clients who book vacations, presumably even if those vacations are aboard yachts in competing companies' fleets. "We can also provide charter clients with monthly contracts," Edmiston states, "meaning that the system can be enjoyed on a shorter trip, as well as longer term."

Edmiston says The Jetstream will announce a new upgrade at next month's Monaco Yacht Show that combines the service with control systems like Crestron. So maybe we are going a little bit "back to the future" with charter yacht entertainment systems, but at least, it appears, our reception will be improving.