I’ve tried to stay away from talking about the oil spill and its effect on fishing up to now, but a new video from BoatUS and massive amounts of BS coming from all directions force me into confronting reality. So here it is: We’re screwed. From all the shouting we’ve heard about booms, skimmers, and relief wells, one would think there’s still a prayer of preventing massive environmental damage. But there’s not. Millions of gallons of oil have mixed with the water, and there’s no holding back the ocean – period.

The new video is beyond my understanding. It’s obviously a professional job, well filmed and narrarated. It doesn’t seem terribly biased in any way, and has a few “tips” for boaters (which basically come down to: don’t take your boat where there’s oil, and if it gets oiled, clean it off). There does seem to be an awful lot of branding going on (extended shots with several products and sponsor-type clothing come up over and over again) but this doesn’t seem to be the aim of the video; if it is, it’s on a successfully subliminal level. Watch is and decide for yourself, at