Fisherman, sailor, wine-and-cheese yachtie, watersports nut. We see all of you on the water (and on But we also know sometimes you morph from one to the other. And you may not even know what the right boat is for you from month to month. So we've got a solution over on our Facebook page to help sort you out—check out our quiz.


Click on the image to take the Holiday Quiz on Facebook.

You may be surprised to learn what the best boat would be for your holidays. In my case, I took the quiz twice (there's no limit on that) and at first discovered a latent desire to go fishing. In the end, though, I realized that I'm actually ready to head south to warmer waters and relax on a large motor yacht.

Last spring, you may recall that we ran a Boat Type Quiz that rather provocatively asked, so, if you were a boat, which type would you be? As you can see from the results below, the Fishing Boats and the Pontoon Boats finished in nearly a dead heat.

Spring 2015 Facebook quiz results

Fishing and pontoon boats were most popular on's Facebook quiz in the spring of 2015.

Which boat will rise to the top this time around? Take the quiz here before the end of December 2015, and we'll report back in January.