Whether they’re securing your boat to a dock or helping to pull in your sails, lines make much of boating happen. Another critical maritime use for lines? Yes indeed, dog leashes.

I swung by Norm and Sue Grant’s The Rope Store booth at the Annapolis Power Boat Show--they were also there for the Annapolis Sailboat Show--to check out what they had available.

Quick answer? Lots and lots of rope.


Hanna's leash is ready for an upgrade... maybe she'd look nice in the teal color?

Cordage companies have a variety of types of line to meet your needs. And The Rope Store featured an impressive array of docklines and related accessories.

Sue emphasized to me that it’s important to have “stretchy” lines--about 10% stretch--for your dock lines and fender lines, because they act as a shock absorber between boat and dock. A double-braid nylon generally fills this role nicely. Pre-cut lines were available at the show--stacks of them, in diameters 3/8” to 3/4”, and lengths in multiples of 5 feet, in a wide variety of colors--and custom lengths are available by order. That way you can have exactly the right length line waiting for you when you get back to the dock.


Precut lines were available at The Rope Store booth, in many colors, diameters, and lengths.

I’ll admit, I really enjoyed all the colors. My theory is that you need dock lines and fender lines and anchor lines anyway, so why not have them all match, and in a color you like or that accents your boat well? Does your boat have a red boot stripe? Then how about red dock lines to match? Green dodger? Just decide between standard green and hunter green fender lines.

At The Rope Store, they’ve added a few colors as the years have passed--most recently adding purple and pink lines to their inventory. I love all their different shades of blue, but I think the teal is my favorite.


Pet leads to match your dock lines are available, in 3/8” by 6’. I think my pup will look lovely with a teal accent.

You can check out the colors (and applications) at The Rope Store. And let us know what your favorite color line is, for dog leashes or dock lines or anything else.