If this were fiction, I'd say that I planned it this way: A summer of searching for (and finding) my old boats. I'd also tell you that I found all six, rather than just half of them. But it's real life, so instead I'll admit that most of what happened in the past two months has been pure coincidence.

Snipe 27733 against boston gas tanks

Snipe 27733 races by the urban backdrop of Boston Harbor. Photo: Eric Kirton

Since before I can remember, there's been a boat (or two, or more) in my life. The first boat my parents bought arrived the day I was born, and cruising on Hersper forms a large piece of my childhood memories. That's the reason I tracked her down earlier this summer, shortly after the 50th birthday we shared. (Read Finding Our First Boat, a Pearson Vanguard). The best news is that shortly after publishing that post I exchanged a few emails with the current owners, who are only one state away. They are still actively cruising and enjoying the boat, a testimony to both her original quality and the care she's received since she left our family.

Then a few weeks later I traveled to Lake Okoboji in Iowa for the Snipe Nationals, which I knew was the home of my Olympic Yngling. What a coincidence, I thought, to track down two such significant pieces of my past in one month! This might be the boat-lover's equivalent of stalking old boyfriends on Facebook...

And then this past weekend, I reconnected with yet another old friend: Snipe 27733, the very first Snipe I ever owned. By the time she came my way she'd been around the block a few times, and the distinctive pink stripe she sported when she was new had already faded. But she's still racing almost twenty years later. So all three of my old boats live on in reality as well as in my memory.

Jibetech Snipe 27733 with pink stripe

Jibetech Snipe 27733 with pink stripe

Now, about those old boyfriends...