A few months back, Alex Smith wrote a post on boats.com UK called Babe Magnets: Boats to Wow the Ladies. It was bound to gather some comment about sexism run amok, so after consulting (perhaps) with his inner female, he's since come up with Hello Boys! 5 boats to Impress the Guys. I love Alex's sense of humor, and his list is definitely worth a look. But I'm not sure I agree with everything he suggests. So since I happen to be an actual female, one with a US-based perspective, I thought it would be worth coming up with my own list. Here it is: feel free to vote for your favorite or suggest something else in the comments below.

Greenline 40 hybrid cruiser to attract the tree-hugger male

Show up with a Greenline 40 hybrid cruiser if you want to attract a nature-loving male.

1. Greenline 40 Hybrid

Attract the environmentally-conscious guys

Call it the Mama Bear of the Greenline fleet, stuck in the middle between the Greenline 33, which we reviewed in 2010, and the 2014 Greenline 48. This 40 footer reminds us, as Alex Smith points out, that "gas-guzzling isn’t a necessity of boating."  This appeals to my sailor's soul, which also is under the illusion that 4 knots (the rate at which this boat can travel under electric power, for a range of 20 miles) sounds like adequate speed for a comfortable cruise. This boat is sure to attract any male who is conscious of his carbon footprint yet still interested in adventures. Read the full review for more detail: Greenline 40: Hybrid Power in a Cabin Cruiser

Ranger 27 Tug running

If cute boats attract cute guys, then this Ranger 27 should bring 'em running.

2. Ranger Tugs R-27

Attract the cute guys

It must be true that cute boats attract cute guys, don't you think? If so, then 'nuf said. There's a reason this one made our informal Reader’s Choice: Our 10 Most Popular Reviews of 2013. And hey, Chip Hanauer The Boat Guy loves it too. Read the full review: Ranger Tugs R-27: A Mini-Trawler that Maximizes Space

Catana 59 under sail bow on

The luxurious and fast Catana 59 may attract the strong silent type.

3. Catana 59

Attract the strong silent type

Performance meets luxury. Quiet speed meets sailing power. What's not to like, except the price? This one tells the world that you can afford to take care of your man.  Read Catana 59: A Cruiser With Teeth

Back Cove 41 cruiser in harbor

You might attract the back to nature guy with this downeast stylish Back Cove 41.

4. Back Cove 41

Attract the natural type

Downeast style is all about looking good without trying very hard, and the Back Cove 41 has managed this well, so... what could be a better boat to attract the male who's trying to do the same? Read on: Back Cove 41: Downeast Style With Cruising Comforts


Chris-Craft Corsair 32 to attract a man who's beautiful on the inside, too

Chris-Craft's Corsair 32 oozes appeal, inside and out.

5. Chris Craft Corsair 32

Attract any male within a 100 mile radius

I haven't seen one of these in person like reviewer Lenny Rudow, but he practically gushes about the clean finish and smooth surfaces he found everywhere, even inside the engine room. (Read his full review, Chris Craft Corsair 32 Boat Review: Inner Beauty.) So maybe one of the many guys who will stop to check out this boat will be looking for something a little "deeper." Keep us posted, once you get back from your honeymoon.  

And don't forget to also look over Alex's list, Hello Boys! 5 boats to Impress the Guys. Or maybe you're more interested in Babe Magnets: Boats to Wow the Ladies?