Here are five boat-related stories you might have missed this week:

5. Fist Pump Sailing (The Real World) on The Yacht Week. Uno, dos, tres, four, get yo tack lines off the floor.


4. Dragonfly 32: Shred, Travel, and Rest. The Danish Quorning yard has introduced a new trimaran (above). It promises to be faster, safer, and more comfortable than its successful predecessors.

3. Nice Boat, No Dock. Superyachts are all the rage after years of rising sales. Marinas for parking them are not.

2. Fishing Friday: Top 10 Reasons Why Fishing Is Better Than Sex. We're pretty sure author Lenny Rudow has now educated the entire marine industry on what an FTD is.

1. America's Cup Sailing suspended for review of boats. Investigators asked teams to temporarily halt practicing Friday on following the tragic accident last week.

What else has held your attention this week?