Many anglers wonder if playing a certain type of music or a specific song could help you catch more fish. Since fish are equipped with an extremely delicate vibration-sensing system, called the lateral line, it only makes sense that one form of tune or another could attract—or repel—those finned critters. Lucky for you I have been fascinated with this topic for decades, and with detailed scientific data that I recently made up, have proved that specific songs do, in fact, attract certain species of fish.

music for fish

Yo dude - crank it up!

Bass and Bream: If you crank up Iron Maiden’s The number of the Beast on a 1,000 watt stereo while fishing on a lake, and drop the amplifier over the side of the boat, these fish will begin to mysteriously float to the surface in some kind of daze.

Catfish: Play the Willie Nelson song Eleven Dixi Mudcats whenever you go catfishing, and you’re sure to come home with a heavy stringer. Yee-haw.

Potomac River Smallmouth Bass: A large percentage of these fish, particularly the males, really enjoy hearing any song played by Liberace. I’d take the time to explain why, but my fingers are tired from typing so much today. Instead, I'll just ask you to click here. You’ll figure it out.

Snakeheads: The theme song to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Frankenfish, indeed!

Various other species: Anything performed by Justin Bieber, because some things just make you want to bite the head off of a live fish.