I love my job. Sometimes it takes me sailing. And last Wednesday, it took me out on the water again, for a completely new experience—flounder fishing.

We were working, filming the first episode of a fishing show, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Ocean City’s Assawoman Bay was quiet, since most folks had gone to work on shore. We knew the Bay would fill up on the weekend, which made it even easier to appreciate this humpday peace and quiet. Even with the full approval of our boss, playing hooky midweek felt great.

GotBait? Filming the first episode

Wednesdays are better on the water, even when working. Photo: Gary Reich

In fact, two thirds of the boats.com editorial department was out of the office last Wednesday. When I checked my email during a filming break, Senior Editor Doug Logan had just thanked an author for delivering a story, adding a woeful, “pretty much the whole editorial crew except me, blast them all, is out on the water.” Our fearless leader was on a much-deserved sailing holiday. The rest of the US editorial team was on location with me in Maryland, catching fish—or rather, except for Lenny, watching others catch fish.

Flounder pounder

The "Flounder Pounder." Photo: Gary Reich

We were not completely alone out there; there were a few other fishermen enjoying their own mid-week escape. One of them in a gray aluminum fishing boat was identified by Captain Fred, our video boat driver, as “the Flounder Pounder.” I’m guessing Fred wouldn’t recognize the guy on shore, but apparently he sees him out flounder fishing each and every time he’s on the water—and Fred certainly doesn’t wait around for the crowded weekend to start.

Gary and Lenny enjoyed playing hooky too.

Lenny and Gary enjoyed their Wednesday on the water too.

As summer nears, I’m going to try to spend Wednesday on the Water as often as I can. And I’m encouraging you to join me, even if it’s just for an hour or so. Maybe you’ll even catch a flounder.