Last Wednesday, I went down to our local harbor for a dawn paddle on my stand up paddleboard (SUP). Sunrise on a spring morning is a special time, and what better place to see it than from the water? I stuck my bow into coves that are too shallow to reach on a "real" boat, and skimmed along the marsh shoreline for a closeup of the osprey pair in their nest. (They watched my progress carefully, but didn't fly away.) Duck families and a flock of Canada geese were my only other companions.

Why not sneak out today for a Wednesday on the Water yourself? And if you do, please tell us about it in the comments below. Video is optional (but a picture is worth a thousand words). I'd be glad to write your boss a note if necessary, and say that it's for research purposes... you will be establishing the value of mid-week attitude adjustments.

Sunrise SUP on a Bark