shark white marlin open billfish tournament

Shark and wahoo categories are still wide open, in the White Marlin Open.

As the angler speared on Monday in the White Marlin Open recovers, there have been few changes in the leaderboard in the past days. No surprise, there, with a 1,010 pound blue marlin and a 97.5 pound white marlin sitting in the lead(s), it’ll take a heck of a catch to bump them out of first place. The tuna division is open to attack, however, with the same 76.5 pounder caught early in the tournament still sitting in first place. And a qualifying shark or wahoo has yet to be brought in to the scales. Thought he pay-out is significantly less for these species,winning their categories will be the last, best hope for many in the torunament.

It all ends tonight, bringing to a close the 37th annual WMO, the largest billfish tournament in the world. Meanwhile, John Unkart, professional mate and the author of Offshore Pursuit (, who was speared in the leg by a white marlin while fishing in the tournament, has recovered well enough that as of last night, he planned on fishing again today. That will make two days of tournament competition completed since being speared, which may set some sort of weird tournament record no one knows about. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure the only prize it entails is some good-natured ribbing, and maybe a free beer at the bar during weigh-ins. Good luck on those shark and wahoo today, John!