There are heroes all around us, but they're not always obvious. After all, regular heroes don't dress up in capes and tights and parade around with a big S on their chest. They might even be living and breathing somewhere right in our daily lives; often the people doing the most to make our planet a better place are the last to toot their own horns.

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Fortunately, YachtWorld is calling out five of these individuals by announcing their short list for the 2013 YachtWorld Heroes award. Last week, a big list of nominees was winnowed down, and the final 2013 Hero will be announced at the Miami Boat Show in mid-February. It might be a hard choice, since it's hard to compare the accomplishments of such a wide range of individuals.

Here are the finalists in alpabetical order, and you can learn more by visiting YachtWorld Heroes.

Who do you think deserves to win? Let us know in the comments below.