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Ziphius is part camera, part remote-controlled boat. It will chase a ball as well as take up-close-and-personal pictures in the water. Oh, and it will bring you a beer when you're lounging in the pool — as if you needed it to do anything else.

The aquatic, smartphone- or tablet-controlled robot is designed to play games as well as helping you remotely experience the water through video or pictures. Developed by Azorean, a Portugal-based technology company, the drone gives ordinary people access to water exploration.

Think this thing is too good to be true? Here's a snippet from the Ziphius kickstarter page:
...Ziphius is much more than a gadget for playing with the water. It can also be a radical companion for surfers and sailors, a scout for fishermen or a stealthy partner for photographers and nature lovers. It’s up to you to find the right use for your own Ziphius!

There's a ton more Ziphius can do, including towing (!), that you should check out.

What would you do with a Ziphius? Would you use it while out on the boat?