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Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki's R&R Mustad Owner
Yo-Zuri Other    

Hard Baits - Topwater
Bagley Cotton Cordell Creek Chub Excaliber
Goldeneye Lures Heddon Mirrolure Rapata
Rebel Smithwick Lures Storm Trader Bay
Williamson Lures Yozuri    

Hard Baits - Floating
Bagley Bomber Boone Creek Chub
Excalibur Goldeneye Lures Mirrolure Rapata
Rat-L-Trap Rebel Trader Bay Yozuri

Hard Bait - Sinks
Bomber Cotton Cordell Excalibur Mirrolure
Rapata Rat-L-Trap Yozuri  

Hard Baits - Diving
Bagley Excalibur 4-10 Feet Excalibur 10-14 Feet Excalibur 14-18 Feet
Luhr Jensen Manns Mirrolure Rapata 2-5 In. Magnums
Rapata 5-11 In. Magnums Rebel Sea Striker Storm Lures
Strike King Yozuri    

Bonefish Jigs Cobia Jigs Deep Drop Jigs Kingfish Jigs
Minnow Jigs Pompano Jigs Snook Jigs Flippin' Jigs
Capt. Troy Perez Jigs Caroline Lures Fairwaters Lures Gaines Lures
Jeros Tackle Key Largo Mission Fishin' Spro
T&M Jigs      

Soft Plastics
4 Inch Worms 6 Inch Worms 7 Inch Worms 8 Inch Worms
10 Inch Worms Gambler Bacon Rinds Crawdads Frogs
Grubs - Double Tail Grubs - Single Tail Lizards Paddle Tails
Shad Strike King Topwaters Tubes
Yamamoto - Ikas Yamamoto - Senkos Creme Lures  

Soft Plastics - Saltwater
Grubs - Big Fish Tackle Grubs - Bubba's Jigs Grubs - Cotee
Grubs - Love's Lure Shad - Bass Assassin Shad - Bubba's Jigs
Shad - Charlie's Worms Shad - Cotee Shad - Gambler
Shad - Hybrid Shad - Love's Lure Shad - Riptide
Shad - Snag Proof Shrimp - Big Fish Tackle Shrimp - Bubba's Jigs
Shrimp - DOA Shrimp - Riptide Shrimp - Snag Proof
DOA Adjusta Floater DOA Bait Buster DOA Soft Shell Crab
DOA Swimming Mullet DOA Terroreyz DOA Tough Guy
Love's Lure Slugger    

Excalibur Strike King Terminator: Spinner Baits
Terminator: Buzzbaits Terminator: Replacement Skirts

Big Fish Tackle Captain Action Tackle Clark Spoons
Drone Spoons Gator Lures Johnson Spoons
Key Largo Luhr Jensen Nemire Spoons

Offshore - Skirted
Black Bart Lures Pro Primo 8-12 Inches Pro Primo 14-24 Inches
Primo 4-8 Inches Primo 10-16 Inches C&H 4-6 Inches
C&H 6-8 Inches C&H 8-10 Inches C&H 10+ Inches
Carolina Lures Dolphin Lures Hooker Baits 6 Inches
Hooker Baits 8 Inches Hooker Baits 12 Inches Ilander 4-6 Inches
Ilander 6-9 Inches Ilander 10-11 Inches Moldcraft 5 1/2 Inches
Moldcraft 8-10 1/2 Inches Moldcraft 11-17 Inches Williamson 4-6 Inches
Williamson 6-8 Inches Williamson 9-10 Inches  

Offshore - Soft Body
C&H Lures Calcutta Manns Moldcraft

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Offshore - Trolling Plugs
Black Bart Lures Bagley Boone
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