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    Boating Tips: Understanding Foam Cored Boat Construction

    Lenny Rudow

    If you're looking at new boats, one of the things you'll have to consider is whether or not to buy a boat built with foam core construction. This is, of course, tough to do if you don't understand exa …Read More

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    Boating Tips: Understanding Vacuum Bagging

    Lenny Rudow

    Watch Senior Editor Lenny Rudow explain - and show - how vacuum bagged construction is better than older fiberglass boat construction methods. …Read More

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    All About Amperes in a Boat’s Electrical System

    Ed Sherman

    Measuring current flow in a DC circuit is a basic troubleshooting skill for boaters. …Read More

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    Electrical Resistance on Boats: Keep That Voltage Drop in Check

    Ed Sherman

    In most onboard electrical circuits, resistance is the enemy. Learn what causes it, how to measure for it, and how to minimize it. …Read More

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    Choosing the Perfect Express Cruiser

    Lenny Rudow

    If you like sleek and sexy lines, fast speeds, and a cabin the family can overnight in, an express cruiser may be in your future. …Read More

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    Saltwater Fishing Boats

    Lenny Rudow

    Designs range from center consoles to expresses to convertibles—but which one is the best choice for you? …Read More

  10. Resources

    Freshwater Fishing Boats

    Lenny Rudow

    Should you buy an aluminum skiff, a bass boat, or a multi-species fishing machine? What does each have to offer? …Read More

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    12-Volt Basics for Boaters

    Ed Sherman

    Marine 12-volt systems aren't scary if you know the basic terms and understand how electricity flows in a circuit. Then it's just one circuit at a time. …Read More

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    How To Sail A Boat

    Carol Cronin

    Sailing fundamentals: here's a step-by-step guide to learning the lifelong sport. …Read More

  15. Resources

    Renting Boats Is Getting Easier with Boat Sharing

    Tim Claxton

    Updates to boat sharing services make renting your boat via P2P boat easier than ever. …Read More

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