On the Water: Resources

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    How To Price My Boat For Sale

    Carol Cronin

    Your starting price can make or break the sale of your boat. …Read More

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    How To Negotiate Boat Prices

    Carol Cronin

    Get the sales price you want for your boat. …Read More

  6. Resources

    Online Fraud Prevention: Beware of Common Internet Scams

    Carol Cronin

    The best defense against fraud is education and awareness. Don’t be a victim! …Read More

  7. Resources

    Boat Registrations in USA

    Carol Cronin

    How and where to register your boat varies greatly by state. …Read More

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  9. Resources

    Close the Deal: Boat Registrations, Titles, and More

    Carol Cronin

    Here's an overview of the paperwork you'll need to complete any boat sale. …Read More

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  11. Resources

    What to Do if You Have the Wrong Propeller Pitch

    Lenny Rudow

    If you have the wrong pitch propeller on your boat, performance will suffer. …Read More

  12. Resources

    Understanding Propeller Pitch

    Lenny Rudow

    Having the correct propeller pitch is a must for maximizing boat performance, but understanding pitch is easier said than done. …Read More

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