The Aquila 48 is a power catamaran designed for privacy. MarineMax, which includes MarineMax Vacations, played a hand in developing the Aquila line, and they have a lot of experience in the charter vacation segment of the industry. That experience taught them that privacy aboard a boat of this size is both in demand, and exceptionally rare. So they made an honest effort to create it—and they succeeded. Watch our video boat review to see how.

Boat Test Notes:
Overview: A cruising power catamaran designed for comfort and privacy for multiple couples.

The Aquila 48.

The Aquila 48.

Concept: Design and build a boat from scratch, utilizing the extra room provided by a powercat platform, which can cruise efficiently and provide a vacation-like experience to those aboard.


-Vacuum-infused, including bulkheads.
-Balsa coring is scored, to allow resin infusion process to enhance strength and create water barriers in coring.
-Only vinylester resin is used.
-Aft pods allow easy replacement of hull areas likely to get damaged during docking.
Max Draft3’0”
Weight47,620 lbs
Fuel capacity356 gal. (461 optional)
Water capacity206 gal.

-Slow but steady cruising ability, with long-distance capabilities.
-Excellent sea-keeping and stability.
-Excellent dockside handling attributes.

Unique features:
-Cabins are separated, and do not share common bulkheads, greatly enhancing privacy.
-Swim platform steps are designed for comfortable sitting and lounging.
-Front porch provides a great indoor/outdoor environment.
-Steps from bridge to foredeck make for easy line-handling.
-Immense beam (nearly half LOA) creates a huge amount of area.

For more information, read our review. Aquila 48: MarineMax Brings Charter Knowledge to Boat Design. Or if you'd be interested in a smaller, less expensive version of this boat, see the Aquila 44 Video Boat Review.

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