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Bowriders are fun, but some of us need to have a cabin. Maybe you have little kids, maybe you want to get out of the weather, or maybe you need extra stowage space. Hence, the Cruisers Sport Series 279, a brand new cabin boat from Cruisers.

The cabin has a mini-galley with a counter, sink, and storage. You can enjoy the cabin with a table (thank you Cruisers for using a nice solid table), or turn it all into a berth. Yes, it is a little tight getting in and out.

The Cruisers Sport Series 279.

The Cruisers Sport Series 279.

What about the head? It's not in the cabin, which is an advantage since it doesn't get the cabin all stinky. The door hits the seat as you open it unless you flip up the bolster first.

There's a built-in cooler and a removable cooler, with tops that stay open on a strut for easy access. This is the first boat to hit the market in the Cruisers Sport Series with a cabin. Jon Viestenz says: the weight forward improves the overall performance. It helps you get on plane quicker.

The engine room has the same procedures and processes of Cruisers' larger yachts. The stringers are thicker, the engine mounts are fabricated aluminum, and everything is labeled. It even has a back-up bilge pump switch.

In the cockpit you have a freshwater sink, flip-up bolster seats, and a big stowage box in the deck with a gas-assist strut, gutter, and gasket. There's also a nice flip-back lounge, a self-deploying swim ladder, and a built-in cooler.

You might think a family boat like this doesn't have thrilling performance, but you'd be wrong. Top end broke 47 mph and we cruised in the mid 30's. Many of us with open boats dream of having a cabin like this.

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