Let's take a step back and look at what's happened in the world of outboards in the past few months—it's been about as active as anyone alive can ever remember. Here are the highlights:

2015 outboard news

You want new outboard engines? You've got them. Lots of them.

What does it tell you when all these new outboard engines are hitting the water at the same time? First off, the economic prognosticators may finally be getting things right when they say the economy is bouncing back. More importantly, we're seeing previously pent-up R & D departments go hog-wild with innovation, as both budgets and consumer demand return to higher levels.

Want more proof? Just take a peek at some of the rockin' new boats that were also introduced at this year's Miami Boat Show:

Outboards and boats only tell part of the story—there were also new drive systems, accessories, and electronics galore. Stay tuned to the pages of boats.com, where we'll be bringing you a steady flow of news, product reviews, and on-the-water tests.