Yamaha WaveRunner Boat Reviews

  1. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    New Yamaha WaveRunner TR-1 HO Engine Ushers In Era of Compact Performance

    Charles Plueddeman
    Mar 17, 2016

    Smaller, lighter, more powerful, and easier to service, the Yamaha TR-1 HO engine is a significant upgrade for best-selling WaveRunner VX models, including the new 2016 VX Limited. …Read More

  2. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    2015 Yamaha WaveRunner VX PWC Series: Longer, Lighter, Stronger

    Charles Plueddeman
    Sep 18, 2014

    Yamaha debuts its new RiDE electronic reverse control and adds Cruise Assist speed control and NanoXcel composite to a new VX series PWC that moves a bit up-market. …Read More

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  4. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    2014 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO PWC Test: Unrestrained Performance and Luxury

    Charles Plueddeman
    Apr 12, 2014

    Yamaha drops its hot new powertrain into the popular FX platform to create the ultimate combination of WaveRunner performance and comfort. …Read More

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  7. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FZR: A PWC Powerhouse

    Charles Plueddeman
    Mar 22, 2014

    The new Yamaha WaveRunner FZR delivers intoxicating performance, more power, and a bigger jet pump. …Read More

  8. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    2014 Yamaha WaveRunner VX: The Review from Our PWC Expert

    Charles Plueddeman
    Oct 31, 2013

    Yamaha WaveRunner VX Series sheds weight for 2014, thanks to the use of NanoXcel material in the hull and deck. …Read More

  9. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    2011 Yamaha VXR/VXS Revealed

    Lenny Rudow
    Aug 26, 2010

    Yamaha counters its personal watercraft competitors with high-performance 2011 models …Read More

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  12. Reviews / Personal Watercraft

    Yamaha FX SHO is 2008 Personal Watercraft of the Year

    May 10, 2008

    Yamaha FX SHO: This Sophisticated PWC earns Watercraft World magazine's top honor. …Read More

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