Even while I was surrounded by 40-foot trawlers and flashy bowriders at the Annapolis Boat Show, the Rigid Boats’ “XFish” certainly stood out. The 12-foot boat may be only 39 inches wide, but it has added stability from the subtle catamaran-like characteristics of its tunnel hull. With a draft of only four inches, all the shallow water you can imagine is accessible. The XFish, with a base price of $2,995, is designed for one boater; the XFish + 2, for $395 more, is designed for two.

xfish microskiff

Svelte, light, and very fishy, we spotted the XFish microskiff at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Fiberglass and foam-cored construction keep the XFish quite light, at just 100 pounds, so it can be lifted by two people. Getting it to your favorite launch ramp is easy, too - at that weight, it’s easily cartoppable, and can be rolled from parking space to ramp on a light kayak/dinghy dolly.

The XFish can be powered in a handful of ways: electric or gas (the model at the Boat Show displayed a 3.5 hp engine, which scoots the boat along at 12 mph), paddle, or poling.

Standard and optional features set the XFish up well for shallow-water fishing. A built-in cooler - also home to a Plano tackle tray - can also be used as a live well. Rod holders and a raised swivel seat ensure your time fishing will be comfortable. And custom hull and deck colors mean you can tailor (camouflage!) your microskiff to your purposes. XFish representatives note that while the microskiff is designed primarily for shallow-water use on inland lakes and rivers, they've had it out in two foot waves and it proved quite seaworthy.

Now, I’m not exactly a hard-core angler, but it’s no wonder this boat caught my eye while I walked through the Annapolis show. It’s a very specific boat for a very specific use, perfect for fishing in those nooks and crannies.

For more information, visit XFish.