We were walking along at the boat show in Cannes, France, minding our own business, when the aHqua2O mini-sub stopped us in our tracks. Qu'est que c'est? We've seen mini-subs intended for the recreational marine market pop up before, but never one quite like this. Naturally, we had to get it all down on film.

The aHqua2O by Sea Warriors set itself apart from those other uber-expensive undersea playthings in a number of ways. But before we get to that stuff, let’s make one thing clear right off the bat. Although it isn’t exactly cheap, this is one of the most reasonably-priced recreational submarines we’ve ever encountered, with an MSRP of about $170,000. Heck, that’s not much more than some of the tenders it might displace. So let’s dream for a bit, shall we?

The aHqua2O designed specifically to fit in the garages of most yachts that can accommodate tenders and/or other water-toys, like PWCs or small jet boats. LOA is 13’0” and beam is 10’2” Or, it can be 7’10”, because one of the key features is a pair of folding stabilizer wings which swing down for storage. The sub’s height is 5’7”.

helm of a mini sub

Construction is fiberglass and carbon, and the joystick/touch-screen control system is surprisingly simple.

Power for this two-man craft comes via a 24-kW electric engine and a lithium battery that packs 30 kWh. That gets you a solid one and a half hours running full-tilt, or four hours running at about 60-percent. And yes, we do mean running—while most recreational mini subs can only go at no-wake speed, this one can coast across the water’s surface at a relatively fast clip of 14 knots. Submerged, cruising speed is six knots. Dive depth is limited to about 60’, which is going to more than satisfy the underwater adventurism of most recreational mini-sub users. Your air supply is provided courtesy of regular scuba tanks, mounted in the sub’s aft compartment, which can easily and quickly be swapped-out.

Displacement3,300 lbs
Fuel capacity30 kWh

$170,000 might seem like a lot of cash to blow on a play-toy, but let’s face it, anyone who buys a boat is not exactly stingy with their recreational budget. So if you’re looking for the ultimate play-toy and undersea adventures strike your fancy, the aHqua2O might be exactly what you’re looking for.

For more information visit Sea Warriors.