No matter what your favorite boat is, a horizon filled with the white canvas and wooden spars of yesteryear charging through the whitecaps of a classic Caribbean day is just plain beautiful. That's what we've been looking at for the past two days here at the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, where 60 boats from a variety of eras have gathered for four days of camaraderie and racing.

Dorade under full sail, Antigua

Dorade charges along at 10 knots with 5 sails flying. Photo: Onne van der Wal/Panerai

Dorade is one of the smallest boats in the Vintage class, trying to compete with much longer (and wider) yachts on courses that have so far involved mostly reaching. We've had one great start and one not so great start, but we've ended up with two fourth places so far; soon after the gun, the big boys stretch away in front of us, using their longer waterlines to great advantage.

We're sailing with an all-women's team of great sailors, led by JJ Fetter.

Here's a quick video taste of what our practice days were like, courtesy of Hannah Jenner:

After two days of practice and two days of racing, our team is really starting to gel. We're also starting to understand our ladyship, Dorade, and what sail combinations she prefers in different wind speeds—including yesterday's 20-25 knots and big waves. Dorade (and her crew) might be happier in flatter water than we've found so far, but she gallantly takes us up and over each wave like the champion that she is. At the ripe old age of 85, she's seen more miles than any of us, and we're proud to be aboard her for this great event.


Dorade gets ready to leave for another day of racing.

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