Camping on land or water, the Aussie AquaCamper by Excel Marine certainly is an interesting option. 

 Want to go fishing or camping? Now you don’t have to choose and can do both with the Australian Aqua Camper that is a both a boat and a tent. 

Sure it looks a little strange but the Aqua Camper is designed for calm waters of lakes and rivers and can take two people fishing overnight with no problem.  And you can set up camp in the RV park without being in the water. 

The Aqua Camper is available in “ready to go” packages or you can have one custom outfitted with cots, a table and chairs and other accoutrements by the New South Wales company.  The boat is approximately 14 feet long, 9 feet wide and weighs 1200 lbs.  It comes in two metallic colors and a trailer is available. 

Since I can’t find a dealer stateside, I can’t find a price and you might have to have this shipped in.  Of course, you could argue that most boats are campers of a sort anyway.