Yesterday, we looked at Perko’s Trim Tab Lights as an option for underwater lighting and ambiance.  Today, we look at another option that doesn’t require that holes be drilled in hull – the Surface Mount Light from Aqualuma

Designed to mount to the transom of a vessel, Aqualuma's new Surface Mount Light doesn’t require a thru-hull installation.  With nine LEDs, it's quite bright and comes in white, blue or green.  It also includes 12’ of submersible cable.  It’s a two-wire installation that doesn’t require any bonding and it’s very thin, measuring 5.4" L x 3" H x .8" D, so it’s easy on the transom. 

The Aqualuma light is factory-sealed and very durable as you can see on their website when they hit it with a hammer. It features onboard driver circuitry and a housing made from a thermally conducted polymer.  It draws less than 1.4 amps at 12V DC and is reverse-polarity protected.

The Aqualuma Surface Mount Light comes with a two year warranty and retails for $598.