The best camera is the one in your pocket.  A phone camera won’t get you far after dark, and sometimes I struggle with low light, but I love my Samsung with a passion. Here’s My Tour De France a la Voile experience in cell phone photos, capture with a borrowed Samsung Galaxy S4.


The M34 fleet, dockside in Breskens, Holland


This is Franck Cammas in Dieppe. He won the regatta by 107 points. He’s a fascinating, meticulous talent, but I actually took the photo to demonstrate the French’s penchant for disaster-themed bounce toys.


In Dieppe I went sailing onboard Groupama for the Pro/Am races. Franck isn’t allowed onboard for these events because he’d probably put the guests down below to optimize weight. Instead, I got the chance to sail with Yann Riou, the multi-talented French Media Crew Member from the 2012-13 VOR.


This is Deauville, famous for its American film festival. It's all very posh.


If you only get to spend a few days in France in your life -and it’s summer time- just drive straight to the Northern Coast of Brittany, where you’ll find places like St. Malo.


Then print directions to Camaret-sur-Mer. Drive there.


Eat everything that comes from the sea.


Marry a local. Never leave.


Each stopover had a team camp. Here’s the tent village from Gruissan.


Here’s the fleet racing from Lorient to San Gill. Instead of sailing with the amateur team, I hitched a ride with the press boat. I took this photo with my phone through a pair of binoculars.


The entire fleet trailered across France, eight hours from San Gill to Rosas, Spain. And then we explored the South of France via the Med. Each stopover had a team camp. Here’s the tent village from Gruissan.


The next leg brought the fleet to la Seyne Sur Mer.


And finished in Marseille.


Then I left Europe and headed to Newport, RI.

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