BUCYRUS — Baja Marine is pleased to announce that Mercury Racing's new X-haust sterndrive exhaust noise reduction system will debut on the Baja 35 Outlaw. The X-haust Noise Reducer, available on single and twin Mercury Racing 600, 662 and 700 SCi sterndrive engine packages, significantly reduces exhaust noise without any sacrifice in engine performance.

X-haust was designed to meet strict European marine noise regulations. Mercury Racing used a Baja 35 Outlaw equipped with X-haust and twin 662 SCi engines to pass the European Union's (EU) Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) strict noise standards. Now, Baja will be one of the first boat manufacturers to feature X-haust in both European and North American markets.

X-haust is available in two configurations. The extra quiet Stage 2 configuration includes innovative transom-mounted mufflers with an exhaust outlet that is underwater when off-plane and near the water surface when operating on-plane. Stage 2, the complete X-haust system, meets the EU RCD noise regulations. Stage 1, designed to meet the noise regulations of most non-EU countries, does not include the mufflers but keeps the exhaust outlet in the same location.

Mercury Racing 600 SCi engines fitted with an Integrated Transom System (ITS) Bravo One XR drive or an optional dry-sump NXT1 drive can receive the X-haust system. X-haust also may be added to 662 SCi and 700 SCi sterndrive engine packages fitted with the dry-sump NXT1 drive.

For the first time, boaters in Europe can enjoy Mercury Racing's 600 and 662 SCi engine packages, when equipped with the Stage 2 X-haust package.

"X-haust represents a dramatic advance in sound-dampening technology," said Rick Mackie, senior marketing manager at Mercury Racing. "From a distance of 82 feet away, a boat traveling roughly 43 miles per hour will sound as quiet as water lapping the shore" — about 78 dB(A).

Baja 35 Outlaws sold in North America will be among the first boats to offer X-haust. The 35 Outlaw already features the Mercury Racing 600 SCi and recently introduced 700 SCi engine options.

"This new technology offers Baja fans everywhere the option for a quiet ride, while maintaining the signature performance of a Baja," said Barbara Grobicki, director of marketing at Baja Marine. "And thanks to the X-haust Noise Reducer system, Baja customers in Europe can now take advantage of the most powerful marine engine sellable in the EU, the 662 SCi."

For more information about Mercury Racing, visit www.mercurymarine.com. For more information about Baja's full-throttle lineup, visit www.bajamarine.com.