If you thought complex tactical software was only useful and available to racers, think again. With SailSteer instrument software, combined with advanced calculations provided by its SailTime program, B&G has enhanced their Zeus Touch multifunction displays with sailing information that will make your cruising easier, and probably more fun because it’s in an intuitive touch-screen package.

B&G's Zeus Touch multifunction display screen is available in three sizes, and is waterproofed to submersible standards.

If you want to tack to avoid a shallow area up ahead or want to lay a line directly into your favorite cove, this B&G functionality will give you all the information you need on a custom screen you set up yourself. The configurable SailSteer screens combine essential sailing data and display it alongside chart, radar, and other navigation screens. The information includes course over the ground (COG), heading, layline to waypoint, opposite tack layline, true and apparent wind angles, wind histograms, current, rudder angle, and more. For example, if you see that the wind has been slowly building for the past 30 minutes, you can decide when to reef or tack to head in. You create up to 81 screens yourself, so it’s personalized to your style of sailing and available with just a few strokes.

A Zeus Touch display showing a SailSteer screen.

A Zeus Touch display showing a SailSteer screen.

The Zeus Touch is available on 7, 8, or 12-inch touchscreen displays, which can also be paired via the GoFree wireless app with iOS and Android devices. That means you can sit on the aft deck with the autopilot engaged and check on the laylines and wind on your iPad. In case it’s your kid who’s playing on the iPad, the autopilot is off limits as it cannot be controlled remotely for safety reasons. Whether you’re club racing on the weekends or long-distance cruising, this is essential information that makes sailing more efficient.

Zeus has built-in Nautic Insight HD coastal cartography and is fully compatible with Navionics Platinum+ featuring TurboView for enhanced 2D and 3D viewing. The B&G Zeus Touch systems are waterproof to the IPx7 (submersible) standard and range in price from $1,599 to $4,995.

For more information, visit B&G.

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