The Sea Shocks pad absorbs some of the impact of boating.

The curse of the small-boat owner who stands at the helm all day is an aching back. All that up and down impact over the course of a season, and over the years, takes its toll on your spine.

Since I like to operate center consoles in the 20-24′ range, I fall right into back pain central. Last season, I sought to alleviate that problem by placing a blue Sea Shocks mat under my feet at the helm. It was my first season in a while without experiencing back problems. So I’d say it worked.

The pad itself is pretty basic. It’s a blue marine-grade cover placed over a SKYDEX core. SKYDEX is a shock absorbing and vibration dampening cushioning technology . (They also sell military grade products with blast dampening capabilities.)

SKYDEX at work in the Sea Shocks mat.

The only drawback is the mat is expensive. But in the long run it could save on chiropractor and doctor bills.

Price: $149. Contact: