The Boating Suite app has six functions.

Here’s where Apple gets insidious. You buy an iPhone or iPod Touch and think the score is settled. But the practically-free $.99 songs add up when the purchases total in the thousands. Worse are the revolutionary apps that change your life for a small fee. If an app says “boating” or “fishing” in the title, or appears even remotely related, I feel compelled to buy it. Even if just for research purposes. Which is why I bought the new Boating Suite App.

So, I hit that little blue rectangle that reads $4.99 and quickly watched it turn into the green “Buy Now” one. Here’s what I got. It’s a suite of six lists: A Fuel Log, Maintenance Log, Expense Log, To Do List, Shopping List, and Reports. It does some things for you. Like in the Fuel Log, if you input all your hours and fuel fill ups, it will track your fuel economy. But mostly it looks like a way to compile all the information you’re supposed to about your boat in one place.

Since I just got it, I won’t have much more useful to say about it until trying it for a while. And there’s the rub, too, will it be an app that breaks the trend and actually gets used? Most, according to CNET, gather figurative dust.

For the record, I check some, like the NOAA Buoy Data app, the Weather Channel app, and the Oakley Surf Report app on at least a daily basis. So it is possible for some useful ones to be habitual. Time will tell.