There is just something about James Bond that makes us all want to get behind the same wheel of whatever craft he's driving. It could be the cool competence... it could be the cool creations from Q. It could be the combination of both.

So we thought you'd enjoy a refresher on the boats of Bond. Alex Smith recently covered some of the highlights in Box Office Boats: 5 of the Best Bond Boats on My favorite on this list is the memorable Lotus Esprit Turbo Sub from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Lotus Esprit Turbo from The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond's memorable amphibious Lotus Esprit led to the generation of several real sub-surface hybrid cars.

I'm hardly a movie buff, but thirty years later, I can still picture the dramatic escape from the bad guys to the quiet serenity of driving underwater, and of course the subsequent crawl up onto a beautiful Bahamas beach. The drama would've been significantly reduced if a transition from car to boat had been part of the scene.

What's your favorite Bond boat? Did Alex include it on his list of Box Office Boats?

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