I love new boats that push the boundaries on design. And The Jet Capsule is one of these – hard to put into a single category, full of audacity and head-turning looks.

Jet Capsule cool looking boat

The Jet Capsule is bigger inside than it looks, thanks to its jet propulsion.

Italian design studio Lazzarini introduced the Jet Capsule during the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show. It measures 7.5 meters (24.6 ft) long and 3.5 meters (11.5ft) wide, it's built of lightweight composite and carbon structure, and it is powered by a jet propulsion system customizable from 120hp to 800hp.

With the center car-like driving position, at first glance this looks like a jet ski with a cabin. The boat looks small. But up close it has a Tardis-like interior, making it suitable for a party or taxi service. There are even customized versions for police, and camouflaged capsule available. I'm not sure about its stability in open water, but wouldn’t it be cool to see a fleet of these buzzing around your local harbor?

And once the sun goes down, the Jet Capsule takes on another persona. With multiple-colored and underwater lighting it takes on the appearance of a spacecraft from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It is certainly out of this world.

Jet Capsule with neon lighting

After dark, interior and underwater lights give it an space-age appeal.

For more information, visit Jet Capsule.