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    Supreme S202: Watersports Boats Value Leader

    Brett Becker
    Dec 5, 2016

    The new Supreme S202 combines high value and high quality in a versatile watersports package. …Read More

  2. Reviews / Bass

    BassCat Puma FTD: Terminal Velocity

    Lenny Rudow
    Dec 2, 2016

    Speed to the fishing grounds on a BassCat Puma FTD bass boat. …Read More

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  4. Reviews

    Bavaria E40: First Look Video

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 29, 2016

    The 2017 Bavaria E40 is 100-percent motorboat, yet incorporates some design elements that are from sailboats. …Read More

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  7. Reviews

    Catalina 425: Sailing into 2017

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Nov 28, 2016

    A hull-up redesign of the Catalina 425 includes dozens of thoughtful details. …Read More

  8. Reviews

    Qwest Luxury Series 818: Small Pontoon Boat with a Big Attitude

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 25, 2016

    The Qwest Luxury Series 818 may be just 18’4” long, but it offers the perks and pleasures of much larger—and more expensive—pontoon boats. …Read More

  9. Reviews

    Jeanneau NC 795 and 795 Sport: New Concept Powerboats

    Gary Reich
    Nov 24, 2016

    The NC in NC 795 stands for “New Concept”. Let’s find out if these powerboats bring new innovation to the 2017 model year. …Read More

  10. Reviews

    Upgrading the Dinghy That Won't Go Away

    Doug Logan
    Nov 22, 2016

    A little rowboat that refuses to leave now receives the spa treatment. …Read More

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  12. Reviews

    Prestige Yachts 630: First Look Video

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Nov 21, 2016

    The 2017 Prestige Yachts 630 offers a high level of styling and amenities. …Read More

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  14. Reviews / Jet

    Scarab 215: Blast Off on a Jet Boat

    Gary Reich
    Nov 18, 2016

    The 2016 Scarab 215 jet boat offers lots of choices—and all are fast, maneuverable, and loads of fun to drive. …Read More

  15. Reviews / Bowrider

    Chris-Craft Calypso 30: First Look Video

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Nov 17, 2016

    The 2017 Chris-Craft Calypso continues this builder’s tradition of turning out boats that offer excellent performance and even better looks. …Read More

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