Norfolk, VA – (Dominion Marine Media (DMM) website, the global online resource for boating enthusiasts to explore, discover and research in one destination, received five awards and four certificates of merit in a variety of categories at the Boating Writers International breakfast at last month’s Miami International Boat Show.

Senior Editor Lenny Rudow collected four of the five awards for articles published in 2013 on Rudow’s awards were for categories including fishing, electronics, boat projects, and boat tests and reviews. Long-time freelance writer Kim Kavin received the fifth award in the ethics and the environment category for an article published both on DMM’s and sites.

In the boat test and reviews category, writers received one award and three certificates of merit; the latter were awarded to Jeff Hemmel, Charles Plueddeman and Dominion Marine Media Editorial Director John Burnham.

“Lenny Rudow leads our boat-reviewing team in more ways than one,” said Burnham. “He draws together a team of pros to produce the 200-plus reviews we publish every year and leads by example with originality and relentless enthusiasm. He even coached me to earn a certificate of merit this year. Earning recognition means something in this contest, because the judges are the members of Boating Writers International,” added Burnham. “We’re pleased to win awards for boat reviews, but this year’s results also point to the talents of our writers across an expanding range of boating subjects.”

Articles and videos produced by the editorial team reach a growing monthly audience of 300,000 to 500,000 through websites in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Spain, as well as on other prominent DMM sites, including, and