We're here at the Cobalt booth at the 2013 Miami Boat Show onboard their new 336. Big, big runabout, excellent day boat. Just look at all the space they've got here.

The Cobalt 336.

The Cobalt 336.

This is me at work!

Just wanted to point out one of the details on this. The seat has an armrest, but because it's a Cobalt, it's through-bolted, with a backing plate that's molded into the deck. So it's a pretty stout piece as you can see.

The 336 is a day boat, but Cobalt has built in a cabin so you have a place to duck in out of the sun. It's got a pretty neat feature—let me show you.

Undo these latches, pull up some supports, and you've got a full bed.

The 336 also includes a full sized head compartment, with plenty of natural lighting and electrical lighting. You've got a full commode with a vacuum flush. It's also got a shower head that pulls right out of the sink.

For more information, visit Cobalt Boats, or read our review - Cobalt 336: Dual Console Bowrider or Cabin Cruiser.