opa cove kids life jacket

Shark Attack!!!

OK, now I know this doesn’t have a heckofa lot to do with fishboats, but most of us like to take our kids fishing, right? And when I got a press release from Opa Cove yesterday (www.opacove.com) I just had to pass this along. They’ve come out with a line of kid’s life jackets that could solve the age-old problem of “But daaaaaaad, I don’t wanna wear one!”

These life jackets “turn” the kid into a sea creature, like a clown fish, a shark, or an orca. They have the fish’s color patterns and – get this – fins. Not only do the fins look cool, but (don’t tell junior!) they’re reinforced to act as a handle. As that shark swims by you can grab the fin and neck of the jacket, and lift him or her clear out of the water without ripping or tearing the fabric.

Multiple sizes are available and the jackets go for $40 to $50 each. One caution: USCG approval as a type III is pending.

I usually hate quoting manufacturers, but I’ve got to make an exception for the colorful language of Opa Cove prez Richard Barbis: “We like to call it the best finvestment you can make to keep kids safe and happy in the water”. Nice!