Riva-CRN 68 meter

Right on the heels of the launch of the 72-meter (236-footer) Clarena, its largest project to date, CRN is embarking on a new series of superyachts with Riva, a fellow member of the Ferretti Group.

The yachts, measuring 50 to 80 meters (164 to 262 feet), will be designed by Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, the designers behind all Rivas thus far. Even though there will be a family resemblance, each of the yachts is intended to bear some novel details, to distinguish them as truly new designs. CRN will contribute technical expertise, given its experience in the market. Riva has had megayachts among its offerings for the past several years, but the largest is the 115 Athena, so CRN has the edge.

The first model of the new line to start construction will be the 68-meter (223-footer) seen above; one of the “small” popular Rivas is also depicted to give a sense of how the new yacht will bear the family look.

It’s interesting to note that this is not the first time the two shipyards have collaborated. In 1970, Carlo Riva, founder of the yachts bearing his name, parted ways with a Dutch yard that had been building boats for him. He decided to approach CRN, which was established in 1963. (Riva and CRN were not under the Ferretti umbrella at the time.) The partnership resulted in seven yachts launched through 1978: five 23.5-meter motoryachts, which were part of the Marco Polo series, plus a 90-footer and a 100-footer, each part of the Vespucci series.

As to why the two companies are teaming up once again, Norberto Ferretti, the chairman of the Ferretti Group, and Lamberto Tacoli, chairman of CRN, say it’s logical for the Group brands to benefit from each other’s experience. “It just seemed like a natural choice to make, within the sphere of the perfect synergy of a group which aims to continue innovating, and to maintain its leading position of the international nautical market,” Tacoli explains. “CRN and Riva have been unanimously acknowledged as brands of excellence, and our union in this project can only be synonymous with products of high quality and elegance.”

Once the 68-meter begins construction, CRN and Riva anticipate starting work on the 50-meter model.